If you follow the red carpet as well as street style looks, you know that one style we can never get enough of is loose curls. Timelessly beautiful, these effortless, easy-going, curls look effortless and are always on trend. Since few people naturally have hair that forms perfectly soft waves, here’s an easy to follow, step by step guide to help you achieve this look.

Step 1: Start with clean hair. If time permits, let hair partially air dry before using a blowdryer.  It provides extra texture and ends up holding a longer curl. It also exposes your hair to less heat.

Step 2: Next, separate your hair creating either a bun or sectioned buns on top.  This separates the hair you’ll be curling with the rest while avoiding tangles.

Step 3: Next, take a 2 inch section of hair and use a wand to curl your hair away from the face, holding it for about 10-15 seconds before gently releasing. A great wand to try is the Bellami Hair Hot Rod that comes in both 25mm and 32 mm. The 25mm (1 inch) curler, is fantastic for tight curls that really last while the 32mm (1.5 inch) curler is amazing for full bodied glam curls or soft beach waves.

Pro Tip:  Since the ends of your hair are the most delicate, always start curling in the top or middle of the hair to protect the ends and encourage a stronger hold.

Step 4: Continue taking out the hair from the top bun(s) and brush out any tangles before curling the hair with your curling rod.  If you’re looking to create that big, soft curl, start by curling away from the face and follow the same pattern until you get to the back. For a more effortless look, alternate the curl pattern to create a natural, laid back style.

Pro Tip: Always let curls set by gently sliding them off the wand and letting them cool off in your hand. You can clip them into a curl for extra hold while you proceed curling the rest of your hair.

Step 5:   Keep style in mind as you proceed curling the rest of your hair, in terms of where you’ll be parting the top and curl accordingly away from the face. Once done, brush out the curls gently with a wide tooth brush/comg or even just your fingertips.

Step 6: Finish with a styling spray like the Bellami Hair 3 Way hair spray which lets you adjust spray pattern amount to fit desired hold.

If you still have any tight curls on the bottom, run your fingers through your hair to separate the curls for a softer look and get ready to rock some great waves.