Prepare your supplies in one station, from the curling iron to the hair sprays. Make sure you always use a good curling iron such as the BELLAMI 6 IN 1 Complete Curler.

Prep your hair using a heat protector. The BELLAMI PROTECT MI Thermal Spray is made from natural ingredients which are great for hair! A heat protector prevents your hair from drying out during curling and also protects the hair from damage or breakage that may be caused by the heat. By using a heat protectant your curls will last a lot longer and your hair will remain much healthier.

Use a large detangling brush to brush through your hair, this makes it easy to comb through for when you will be sectioning pieces for curling.

Section your hair starting from the bottom. You can use a comb or your hands to divide the sections of hair. Take about a one inch section from the bottom and hold the rest of your hair up using a large clip. Ensure that the rest of the hair is away from the one inch section you have separated so that you can fully focus on the selected part first.

Once you have divided your first section, grab about one inch from it, pick your curling iron and wrap the hair around the curler and hold for a second or two before you release the curl. This should create a loose wavy curl. Use the BELLAMI 6 IN 1 Complete Curler 32 mm wand to achieve big waves. You may also want to interchange holding the barrel towards the face and away from your face to achieve different curls and different textures.

After your first section is done, go ahead and divide your next section and repeat the same process. You may want to section around the hair if you have extensions on, so that they don’t get pulled off. When dividing new sections, you may want to comb through the hair with a detangling brush to ensure there are no knots or they are not tangled up from holding them up. Repeat the step until the whole hair is done.

When doing the last section, shortly brush though it with the detangling brush to make sure there are no knots. Curl away from the face while holding the barrel horizontal to give your curls fuller roots and create more volume for your curls.

Take a wide toothed comb and section the top off to add some tease to give the curls a big voluminous look. Do this by using the smaller end of your wide toothed comb and start from halfway of a section of your hair and comb backwards into your roots. Make sure you take that tease right to the base. Do this with a few sections at the top to make the curls appear more voluminous, wavy and loose.