Clip in Hair extensions are an easy way to add that extra wow to your beautiful hair but with so many style options, how do you choose.

Nowadays, you can find clip in hair extensions in both human and high end synthetic hair with a wide range of advantages for each. For example, human hair will look and feel the most like your natural hair but it also comes at a price, while you can get a multitude of style options for synthetic but can’t use styling tools on most. At the end of the day it boils down to what specifically you’re looking for to achieve your desired look but there are plenty of high end synthetics at  a fraction of the price that will still help you feel ‘red carpet’ ready.

One of the most on trend celebrity hair looks is the sleek ponytail that may look effortless at a glance, however we all know it takes major skill to perfect. If you’re using regular clip in extensions, it’s hard to get the slick back effect without bumpiness. Same applies for more permanent hair extensions like sew-ins and tape-ins, as you immediately see where the hair separates. But Bellami came up with two perfect ponytail options in a high end synthetic fabric where you can still use thermal styling tools on them - not that you would ever need to, though.

The Bellami hair wrap ponytail is one of the most popular collection within the brand as it’s so chic, gorgeous and completely goof-proof - you literally can’t mess it up. All you have to do is gather your natural hair into a sleek pony - either high or low and wrap the Bellami wrap ponytail around it for the most stunning, head-turning look.

The Bellami faux wrap ponytails are also available in a clip option where you simply clip in the faux ponytail into your own pony and you’re ready to roll. They’re extremely affordable too ranging from $40-$60 for a high quality look that you would pay the same price for at a salon, except you can recreate it at home over and over again.

All ponytails - both wrap and clip are available in the widest range of colors, length and weights so you can easily create any look you can possibly imagine. If you can dream it, you can have it. If only everything in life was  that simple.

Clip in Hair Extensions

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