While we’d all like to have voluptuous glam curls,they can sometimes be challenging to achieve as curls tend to fall out due to the hair's weight,or it can take a long time to do it so the curl actually holds. For those that don’t have thick long hair but want it (aka most of us) that’s a challenge all in itself so what does an aspiring glam queen do? Here are some quick tips to help you achieve your best dream hair yet.

Start with clean, dry hair. When hair is oily it may not hold the curl as well, so even when you wash, make sure not to use too much conditioner. You also want to curl hair when dry, otherwise hair can get kinks or be frizzy and no one wants that.

Extra length and volume. If you’re using hair extensions to enhance your hair length and/or volume, make sure to use ones that are made of 100% remy human hair like Bellami Hair. Clip in hair extensions are great at creating beautiful volume, texture and length so you’ll want to use the very best to ensure your hair is on point. Clip the hair extensions in for your desired look prior to styling for a flawless end result.

Apply a heat protecting serum. To avoid potential damage from a thermal tool like curling iron or wand, it's smart to apply a heat protectant serum like the Bellamo Argan Oil before you get to work.

Heat up your curling iron or wand. If you want big, loose curls, use an iron with a bigger barrel. For tighter curls, choose one that has a smaller barrel. A 1 inch curler like the Hot Rod 25mm is great at forming beautiful small to medium curls that last. The 32mm Hot rod has a 1.5 inch barrel and is perfect at creating those voluminous waves.

Section hair for optimal styling. Start by either pulling all your hair up and letting down two inch sections at a time, or separately sectioning off two inch sections around your head in clips. Either way, this allows for quick and easy curling so hair doesn’t get tangled while you curl each section.

Wrap your hair around the curling iron AWAY from the face. As you’re curling your hair, for a natural look, alternate between curling patterns so hair doesn’t appear too coiffed. Around the face, however, it’s always  best to curl away so hair doesn’t fall matted to your cheeks.

Hold for 10-20 seconds. As you curl your hair around the barrel, hold for about 10-20 seconds depending on the length and thickness of your hair. Then gently release the curl to slowly side into your palm, to cool and set. Continue to do so with each section you’re curling.

Start with the hair that grows above your forehead, and wrap a two-inch section of hair around the barrel. Roll it over so that the hair gets pulled back from your forehead, not toward your face. Hold it there for three seconds, then remove the curling iron and use a pin to hold the curl in place. If you have bangs, don't wrap them with the rest of your hair as they may curl in awkward position due to length. Always style them separately.

Pro Tip: For extra hold, you can clip each heated curl and pin it to cool and set. You can further spray the curl for additional long lasting hold with hairspray for a beautiful glam look that lasts all day.

Clip in Hair Extensions

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