Clip in hair extensions are fantastic at adding beautiful volume, length and depth to your natural hair. Whether you want to add some color, highlights, or just a bit of extra oomph, rocking those clip in extensions allow you the option of changing up your look with a click of a clip.

With the incredible options available today from high end synthetic to 100% remy human hair, there’s a multitude of styles to choose from. Most hair extensions users opt for the 100% remy human hair option as it is the most cost effective solution for the price and top quality lasts.

However when you do invest in your top quality hair extensions, with a brand like Bellami Hair, for example, you want to make sure you preserve their lifespan and keep them looking fresh and amazing for as long as possible. Bellami Hair is made of 100% remy human hair and can be styled and treated like your natural hair so how would you go about washing you set of Bellami clip in hair extensions? Pretty much like you would your own care, with one extra caveat - they don’t need to be washed on a daily basis.

The great thing about Clip in hair extensions is that since they’re not attached to your scalp, they don’t absorb the oils your natural hair would so you don’t have to wash them as often. Also , you don’t need to use too much product on them, if any at all so they won’t smell or damage from occasional wear.

Depending on how often you wear them, you can use the following tips to wash your hair in a few easy steps.

  1. Take your extensions and align them so they all face the same direction and wrap around each other. For example, start with the 1 clip wefts then take the 2 clip wefts and fold over the, three clip weft, four clip weft etc. - similar to how they are bundled together when you first purchase them
  2. Once you have them all assembled together, secure them with a hair tie - this will help you keep them together and intact.
  3. Next, use a detangler brush to brush them out so they don’t get any more tangled
  4. Run them under lukewarm water to wet them, then use a bit of sulfate-free, paraben free shampoo to wash them. You can repeat this step if desired but usually one quarter size shampoo dollop will do the trick. Rinse out thoroughly after shampooing.
  5. Follow the shampoo process with a similar type of sulfate-free conditioner and let it sit for a couple of minutes.
  6. After a couple of minutes, rinse out the conditioner thoroughly under lukewarm water so all the residue is out. It’s important to rinse it out well so hair extensions don’t dry to feel filmy.
  7. Once hair extensions are rinsed out entirely, pat dry with a towel. Never rub the hair dry as it will damage the texture and tangle it.
  8. You can let hair dry on top of the towel or use the Bellami patented hanger to hang the extensions to dry.
  9. You can spray some live-in conditioner prior to drying but it is not necessary.

We don’t recommend blow drying your hair to dry if you can avoid it, however if you are looking to wear the extensions immediately after and would like to dry them quickly, make sure to use heat protectant spray to extend the lifespan of your hair extensions whenever you use a thermal styling tool.

Some experts recommend washing your extensions once a week. Unless you wear them daily, you can probably use your best judgement in how often to wash them. You don’t need to use any styling products on hair extensions usually but if you do, be gentle as to preserve the life of the extensions.

Whenever possible, use products that are specifically made for hair extension wear as those will best enhance the lifespan of your extensions.

Clip in Hair Extensions

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